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Crowdfunding: Artichoke Backpack

Artichoke is an innovative backpack with an extractable built-in shelves system fit for frequent travelers. Lorenzo Scotto, professional golf-player and founder of the brand, had a special need: a comfortable bag to be easily packed and unpacked in his frequent and busy journeys.

CROMO has taken care of the development and managing of the entire crowdfunding campaign. We preferred Indiegogo to its main competitor Kickstarter for its larger reach to the European area.

The studio has developed the landing page and the Indiegogo page and dealt with graphics and texts. We have also created the social pages of the brand, handling the promotional investments.


We produced four videos, each of them in different versions, to suit different networks and sites.

The first video shows the backpack in detail, from the extractable part to peculiar pockets and zips, in a long take. It had been mainly used for paid ads on socials, with a very good conversion.

The main video features a female model, who appears by the founder, and the most important location, downtown Trieste. The studio has prepared the text and taken care of the voiceover recorded by a mother-tongue professional speaker.

Two more videos show a short interview to CEO Lorenzo Scotto on the main features of his product and a Making Of, filmed inside the workshop where his backpacks are made, to underline the quality of made-in-Italy fittings.


We contacted several influencers, from Instagram to Youtube, who have helped the product promotion with dedicated swipe-up stories and reviews.

We have also invested in Facebook Ads, focusing on Italy, with a remarkable sales number.


We have organized a #WinArtichoke contest to boost the crowdfunding. Three people received our prize, the Artichoke M Black Cordura, simply by sharing the image of the contest on their Instagram or Facebook profiles, along with the contest hashtag.


Here are the three winners:


The backpack has been promoted on several travel magazines, such as We Heart, Mangia Vivi Viaggia and Ordinary Traveler. It has been reviewed on Youtube, Instagram and Facebook by a number of influencers and vloggers.

The campaign has reached its target of €20.000 in the first two weeks. After that, the promotion investments have been reduced to permit a longer exposure of the product. The figures at the moment are €35.000.

The campaign ended in May, but the backpacks are still available on the Indiegogo page. In the meantime, we are preparing the second part of the campaign, based on a new model, which will start in spring 2019.