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Web Series: The Iso Rivolta Chronicles

The Iso Rivolta Chronicles is a documentary web-series in 8 episodes. It was published on Youtube between May and July 2017, with free access.

It tells the story of a remarkable automotive brand called Iso Rivolta that saw the light in the outskirts of Milan in 1948 and failed in 1974. Despite its short period of activity, the firm has gained a special place in the sector, thanks to such products as ‘Isetta’, later become a world best seller for BMW, and the Iso Grifo, still considered one of the most beautiful ever produced GTs.

The chronicle develops through the words and memories of collectors, former Iso Rivolta workers and today’s restorers, who have kept the memory alive up to present times.

The Iso Rivolta Chronicles has been completely made by CROMO. From the initial idea to development and production, we dealt with music, photography, ads material and the poster. CROMO has superintended distribution as well as promotion.

All you can see and hear, apart from archive footage, is an original product.


In 2014, three years before its publication, the idea of producing a web-series on historical cars collectors was already there. After a long research we opted for the Iso Rivolta because it was less-famed than other brands.

After selecting the protagonists, we started shooting in September 2015 and ended in September 2016, summing 14 days of shooting. During those days we visited 9 locations, and performed 8 cameracar sessions and two aerial shooting services.

The eight locations range from the Ravedis Dam in Friuli-Venezia Giulia to Iseo and Lecco lakes, to Porta Nuova, a modern neighborhood in Milan.

Some images from the backstage. We filmed a total of 14 interviews.


The post-production phase lasted around 8 months, from November 2016 to July 2017, and ended when our first publications were already being issued. The editing was made with Avid Media Composer. Our files have been color-graded in DaVinci Resolve to be later finalized in Adobe After Effects.

Each episode lasts for about 11 minutes, for a total of 90 minutes.

The music has been composed by four musicians, who have taken care of instrumental and digital soundtracks. The instrumental parts have been recorded on studio in three days, by a band composed of guitar, bass guitar, drums, piano, trumpet and saxophone. A violin has been added to the main Soundtrack.

The group Vise & the Coconuts in a recording session.

Much attention has been devoted to recordings and mixing of the engine sounds, which is considered essential by experts and car lovers.

We have used a wide range of mics, with different properties, placing them in various parts of the car to obtain a richer sound effect. Our sound design has then been recreated and matched with the editing in the most effective way. The Foley effects have been recorded in our own studio.


Each episode goes with a set of photos taken along the shooting sessions; a photo featuring the episode’s protagonist with his car, a total of the car alone and a portrait of the collector.

More pictures have been taken in different moments. The set of photos has been used for promotion, on online-magazines and papers, adverts and social media.

Photo shoot on the Iso Grifo 90, owned by Federico and Roberto Bonomelli (in the picture). They are the protagonists of the last episode.


Our graphic designer has outlined the logo, which has been subsequently developed, reproduced in 3D and used in the opening and closing titles.


Il design del Logo della serie.

The logo has been printed in 3D and then filmed to create the Opening Titles.

Our graphic designer and web developer have dealt with the creation of website and social media pages, maintaining a visual style coherent with the episodes.

Our poster has been created by Elisa Vendramin, an illustrator from Pordenone, in her peculiar style. The subject, a personal revisitation of the original Iso trademark, the mythological griffon, is recreated from a patchwork of car elements and frames taken from the documentary.


The episodes have received very positive reviews from general and dedicated magazines, in Italy and abroad. Among them, we can name La Stampa, Messaggero Veneto, Il Secolo XIX, Top Gear ES, Silodrome, Road & Track, Autoclass Magazine.

The series has obtained more than 216,000 views in less than one year, and an impressive amount of 783,140 total viewed minutes. It has been shown in numerous festivals and screenings in Milan, Modena, Rome and Chicago.

It has received a nomination as Best Documentary at the European Cinematography Awards that will take place in January 2019. It received the award for Best Documentary Feature at the International Motor Film Awards, in London on September 6th 2018.