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Advertising campaign produced by CROMO in collaboration with Muzzatti/Autopolar S.p.a. and Aerial Services. The Ad is designed to be used both in TV/Cinemas and on the Web. It comes in two versions, the original 1’30” and a 60″ version for Youtube and social networks.

The Ad was shot in 5 days, between Cercivento, in the mountains of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, and in Pian del Cansiglio, in Veneto region.

We chose a Red Epic for our principal photography, drones on the car and most of the aerial footage. We also used a Sony CineAlta FS7 for additional footage and a Sony Alpha 6300 with an Odyssey 7Q – rigged on the hang-glider.

A special thanks to the hang-gliders who helped us, expecially Marzio Lazzara, who was so kind to take us to the best spots and landing fields in Friuli – moreover, he accepted to wake up at 4am more than once to allow us to film at sunrise.

Editing, Sound Design and Music have been managed internally at CROMO. Color Grading was performed by colorist Giorgia Meacci in Milan.

Click here to read the Case Study and know more about the production.

Here are some backstage pictures.

Directed by – Edoardo Vojvoda
Cinematography – Alessandro Venier
Aerial Footage – Aerial Services
Sound Design – Riccardo Vojvoda
Grip – Maurizio Polese
Assistant – Alexander Edwards

Actress – Anja Meyer
Actor – Rajeev Badhan
Stuntman – Marzio Lazzara
Stuntman – Giovanni Rupil

Editing – Edoardo Vojvoda
Color Grading – Giorgia Meacci
Music – Riccardo Vojvoda

Sponsor – Muzzatti / Autopolar S.p.A.
Agency – CROMO

Video, Commercial, Automotive