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La Marca saw the light in 1968, born from a group of far-sighted wine-growers, who believed in their land and their vines.

A story of men and their values that has grown, year after year, to become an organization rooted in its territory, made by 9 wine cooperatives.

“La Marca”, today, represents more than 5000 small and large local producers, united by their passion and love for their craft. It is the leader of the production of Prosecco DOC and DOCG, thanks to its 9 wine cooperatives

We produced two video campaigns during the grape harvests of 2016 and 2017, and also highlighting the other essential steps needed during the year to guarantee a quality prosecco.

The first video is the Official Corporate, showing all the processes, from seeding to bottling and packaging.

The second video is a presentation meant for Vinitaly 2017 and the other wine exhibitions. Music is original in both versions.

Client – La Marca
Agency – Amarcord Studio

Video, Corporate, Wine