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Just before the 2018 Mille Miglia, we produced some video-stories to introduce the pilots of this year’s Alfa Romeo team – in collaboration with FCA Heritage.

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Piero Pelù is a renowned Italian rockstar, famous for his scratchy voice and great Alfa Romeo enthusiast. He competed with his own light-blue Giulietta Sprint.

Derek Hill is the son of F1 champion Phil Hill and a pilot himself. He’ll drive a marvelous AR 1900 Sport Spider with his co-pilot Guy Berryman.

Guy Berryman is the bass player of Coldplay and a car collector. He visited the AR Museum in Arese and tried the 1900 Sport Spider before competing.

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The videos were used by Alfa Romeo in its official channel to promote his team in the weeks before the race.

Client – FCA Heritage

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