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“Murano Sottovuoto” is a feature length documentary co-produced by ZOOM Production and CROMO. It narrates the daily routine of LUAB 4.0, one of the few brand new furnaces in Murano. The ‘mastro vetraio’, Fabio Fornasier, is renowned for his modern glass sculptures and his LU chandeliers.

The documentary – length 57′ – is available for purchase. The video clip here displayed represents the style and atmosphere of the piece.

If interested, please write to ZOOM Production.

Production – ZOOM Production, CROMO

Director – Edoardo Vojvoda
Cinematography – Alessandro Venier
Sound Design – Riccardo Vojvoda
Aerial Footage – Attilio Bruni
Assistant – Teo Zanin
Author – Gianluca Di Maulo

Editor – Edoardo Vojvoda
Music – RiccardoVojvoda


LUAB 4.0
Fabio Fornasier
Andrea Perotta
Ivano Seno
Francesco Scarpa

Video, Documentary