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Real People – True Stories is a series of short documentaries produced by clothing brand CMP between 2012 and 2016. We travelled through Italy to meet normal people wirh really special talents and interests and heard the story of their connection with nature.

The brand did not influence the narration; the only intrusion is the clothing of the subjects.

In total we produced 10 videos, form the Alps to Sicily. We met pastors, photographers, glass-makers, fishermen, runners…

Here you can see two of these stories. The first, and last produced, is about Biagio Ragonese, volcanological guide in Mount Etna. The second is about Fausto Menardi, Falconer in Cortina d’Ampezzo.

The campaign won two awards at the 2015 MediaStars.

To know more about the videos, visit:

Client – CMP F.lli Campagnolo
Co-Direction & Photography – Mattia Balsamini
Agency – PubbliMarket2

Video, Documercials

A selection of frames from the other documentaries.